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winHR is the ideal tool with which to centralise all your HR information in a single database which can be concurrently accessed by multiple users to record & retrieve information and perform their individual HR tasks. The system facilitates the ability to spread workloads across HR staff and managers because they now have access to the same database of information based on their access rights and permissions. winHR is designed and developed in Australia for Australian businesses and legislative conditions.

Information Screens

The major information screens in winHR enable you to track and manage the following

types of information:

Employee Biographical Details
Emergency Contacts
Medical History
Leave Management, History & Accruals
Learning & Development
Performance Records
Items Issued to employees
Skills & Skill Gaps
Position & Organisational Charts
Position Based Training Requirements

Reporting & Graphs

To cater for different levels of reporting sophistication winHR has four integrated reporting tools. These tools include Smart Grids, Report Viewer, Report Builder and Graph Viewer. Most are very easy to use and provide the majority of your reporting needs. WinHR also has its own ODBC Driver should you wish to  use other reporting products as well. Report Builder is an advanced reporting tool that can provide for almost any reporting requirement including cross-tabs and merge forms. Across all the human resources tools there is a myriad of pre-defined reports that can be used straight out of the box. winHR provides many export options including Excel and pdf.

Email Alerts

Email Alerts Improve process flow within your organisation by notifying of unfinished tasks or critical issues and events which require follow-up. Flexible options allow you to automate email reminders based on date or data-change based triggers. Email notifications are  automatically sent straight to your outlook.


Security options are very important, especially in a HRIS Solution where much relies on the reporting and organisation structures. winHR has excellent HR database options that allow you to provide security at user or user-group level. Manager access, for example, allows for managers to see only their own staff, all staff, or staff associated with an individual department or multiple departments, the options are extremely flexible. You can also specify the type of information which can be seen. Security also extends to other functions such as the types of reports which can be created or viewed.

Document Attachments

This feature enables you to attach documents to any record within the HR System. You can, for example, drill down to a training record, or the record of a drivers license, and quickly view the attached scanned image of the license without the need to go searching back through your windows directory to locate the document again.


Powerful, flexible, & easy to use customisation options allow you to bend winHR to your will and set up the data base to match your naming conventions and process flows. The customisation options include the ability to rename all fields, specify your own drop down lists, and the ability to create your own custom fields using the powerful custom field creation option. Because winHR allows you to perform these customisations for yourself there are no expensive consulting costs to make these changes for you.

Payroll Integration

winHR can integrate with almost any payroll. As payroll is often an extension of HR it is important to ensure information can be shared easily between Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and payroll applications. Employee master file details, leave accruals, and leave taken, are the items most commonly integrated between payroll and HR. The level and method of integration depends on the payroll product used. Click here to see a table of integration levels available for different payroll products.