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webHR/OHS web portal

webHROHS is our web-browser based, optional add-on utility to our winHR and winOHS desktop solutions. The system has been designed for use where organisations have a need for employees to be able to perform certain tasks for themselves without having to fill out forms and pass them on for processing by others. It also bypasses the need to perform these tasks in the underlying winHR or winOHS data base which is essentially designed for higher level users, because the entered data flows through to winHR & winOHS. For example, in the case of a HR function, webHR provides the ability for all employees to make leave requests and for managers to approve or reject the requests via web browser, or directly from winHR or winOHS, and in the case of a WHS/OHS function, webOHS provides the ability for anyone, anywhere, to record an incident or a hazard. These entries then flow through to the winHR/winOHS data base for processing & managing by higher level users. Data inputted via webHROHS is supported with email notifications escalating these events to the appropriate people within the organisation.

In short, webHROHS provides a simpler way to capture certain types of information into the system and winHR/winOHS is the power house which provides the more sophisticated tools for reporting, analysing, measuring and managing the collected data. winHR and winOHS also provide all of the major functionality and have extensive processes and wizards available. As indicated, webHROHS is an optional utility which complements winHR and winOHS so there is no need to purchase this utility unless employee/manager self-service is a requirement.

The system has extensive security and customisation options so that users see only the functions & fields they need.

Click here and here for more detailed information about webHR/OHS features and functions.