Favour Solutions offers affordable HR & OHS Software for small-to-medium enterprises

Reviews & Testimonials

Impressive range of features at a reasonable cost. We found the interface one of the easiest to navigate with its very simple and logical structure.

The way the software records your organisational structure can be configured to match Your company requirements, not the other way around.

The toolbar includes a number of useful buttons with a surprisingly powerful contacts Data base and … a companies data base that lists important contacts in each company.

Favour has a very strong set of security options… this makes it possible to set up options so that managers can work with records of those employees that reports to them.

Favour’s winHR gets the top gong because, even for someone with limited understanding of HR it’s very easy to use and it’s obvious what each element of the application does and what it’s for.

Steven Turvey, RMIT (Independent) Test Labs.
Editor’s Choice, Australian Technology & Business Magazine

A major issue we face as a medium sized business is how to effectively manage the large amounts of information required both to fulfil statutory obligations and to provide us with the internal information we require to make decisions. The system we had prior to purchasing winHROHS was very manual and made up of numerous spreadsheets, data bases & other documents that did not offer functionality or integration.

When we brought the payroll processing back in-house from an outsourced provider, I did some research to see whether there were any affordable HRIS available that would link to MYOB. This was in line with our organisational goal to streamline our processes, increase efficiency and to centralise information.

We have successfully eliminated a number of spreadsheets across the areas of HR, OHS, IT Admin & Quality. The ability to set email alerts is one feature that is particularly helpful in that it automates the reminder process from one central location. In addition, we have been able to computerise all our training records and scan in the certificates and licenses etc.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the consistency of such a high level of customer service and impressed with the quality, flexibility and functionality of winHROHS.

Nicole Black, HR Manager – Heath Techna Pty Ltd

We originally chose winHR as our HRIS for many reasons. Importantly, winHR links to our payroll software eliminating double entry of employee information. winHR is also very easy to use and has more functionality than we currently require. In the past few years our business has grown significantly and winHR has helped us manage the expansion and new reporting requirements. winHR makes my life a lot easier.

Neil McInnes, Human Resources Manager – Uniting Care Connections

winOHS has been implemented to assist with contract requirements in EH&S reporting. Collection of data makes it easy to print off presentation reports on various information.

Incident & hazard reporting are key areas for us. The software allows easy configuration of the data base to capture information relevant to all aspects of EH&S requirements.

The experience with Favour has been comfortable. Favour has provided excellent technical backup and have assisted greatly in preparing the company structures and positions.

A quick phone call for urgent advice is always answered.

Peter McKernan, OH&S Coordinator – Andrew Corp (Aust)

winHROHS has helped us by giving us a data base system to record and report required information in an easy manner. It helped us in our determination to have a system for most of our HR & OHS needs.

I have been very impressed by the high level of customer service. Response time is very fast and the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. winHROHS is unique in the way you can customise the data base to match your requirements. Love it!

Leanne Person, Safety Manager – Morshead Home

It is early days, however it has already made it much easier to track incidents and corrective actions. It is easy to anticipate how management of information will be proactively affected by adding winHROHS to our systems.

Favour has been receptive to suggestions and requests for functions and amendments.

Andrew Handford, National HSEQ Manager – ATCO Structures

I have enjoyed our working together and will keep Favour in mind for future projects. It is rare to find someone with the level of passion and commitment you have…

Neil Passfield, HSE Manager – Bow Energy