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Regardless of the HRIS or WHS software solution you ultimately end up choosing it has to be implemented. Essentially, implementation entails configuration and preparation of your data base to accommodate and populate the data you need to manage. This further entails an understanding of your processes and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Your data will most likely be derived from a number of source documents including spreadsheets, manual forms, and various other documents. A strong implementation plan consists of…

  1. A list of the requirements, functions and outcomes sought from the system.
  2. A list of the source documents from which data will be extracted into the data base so that the requirements and outcomes can be achieved.
  3. You will also need a nominated person to act as administrator of the project and work closely with the software provider’s implementation manager.

A further element is to think about who within the organisation will be using the system and to which functions they need access.

The first element (the requirements list) has a twofold purpose; a) it serves as your selection criteria for assessing which systems can achieve your outcomes, and b) it  serves as a guide to how the system should be configured and set up so that the described functions & outcomes are achieved. In other words, the database should be configured to match your outcomes not the other way around, and of course it is important that you are able to assess the functionality comprehensively before you make a purchasing decision. With this in mind we are able to demonstrate our product to you based around the requirements you have specified.

Free Functionality, Requirements, & Outcomes Template”

To assist you in your selection and evaluation process Favour Solutions provides a “Functionality Requirements & Outcomes Template” which you can request by clicking here

Favour Solutions’ implementation plan works by firstly understanding your list of required functions and outcomes, and then configuring the database to suit. We also help you specify all the data source documents you will need.

Summarising; the Favour Solutions implementation plan includes …
  • Customising your database with the naming conventions you would like to use
  • Importing all your employees with all their master file details
  • Configuring and setting up all your drop down descriptions
  • Creating your organisational structure
  • Creating your company positions & their associated reporting structure
  • Assigning all employees to their positions
  • Creating all your learning & development & competency items and categorising them into logically associated groups
  • Assigning the required learning & development & competency items to each position
  • Setting up your areas & physical structures
  • Configuration of the incident and hazard screens to match your manual forms
  • Populating the risk register with all your pre-defined risks and risk treatments
  • Setting up the audits section to match the way you record audits, inspections & issues
  • Integrating the data base with your payroll, either using our SIF (Smart Interface Tool) or by ODBC Driver, depending on the payroll product you use
  • Importing leave balances in the system against every employee
  • Configuration of email alerts across the system where identified
  • Setting up the recruitment section to match your recruitment process

(please note: the recruitment functionality does not interface with recruitment sites nor does it enable on-line import of applications. However, it is a very useful tool for tracking applicants, short-listing, selection, managing vacancies and on-boarding)

Other Items & Imports

A number of additional data imports are possible provided an acceptable excel file is available.

Software Manuals

Implementation is supported with comprehensive user & administration guides