Favour Solutions offers affordable HR & OHS Software for small-to-medium enterprises

About us

Favour Solutions is an Australian software developer that has, since 1996, specialised in the development and implementation of human resources information management systems (HRIS) (HRMS), and occupational and workplace health and safety management systems (OHSMS) (WHSMS). Favour Solutions has representation in Victoria and NSW. We have clients and installations in all states of Australia, and in PNG.

Favour Solutions software products are specifically developed to provide the small-to-medium sized entity with affordable, yet functionally rich software which can be easily installed, implemented, and used. Our Human Resources Management software seeks to make the HR management functions of an organisation much easier, more effective in terms of day-to-day task management, fulfilling regulatory obligations, and more cost-effective via advanced capabilities to gather, share, and analyse the enormous amounts of information involved in Human Resource Management today. Our software helps achieve those goals with functions encompassing driven processes, comprehensive reporting tools, automatic alerting, and all from within a centralised source of information. These features allow an organisation to better allocate resources, retain employees, inform recruitment needs, save time by having access to information from a single unified source, and, in all of this, reduce the cost and resources otherwise expended on HR.

Our OHS Management software has evolved from the growing needs to improve standards to employee safety. Our OHS software allows an organisation to effectively comply with OHS/WHS standards, guidelines and practices. The system is the tool which relationally stores all the information stipulated in a Safety Management Plan, thereby giving you the ability to show how information corresponding to each element of your Safety Management Plan is being recorded and subsequently analysed and acted upon. This will result in much easier regulatory compliance, evidence of compliance, a safer workplace, fewer hazards, a minimisation of injuries, and enhanced productivity and profit in the long-term.

Our OHS software comes fully integrated with our HR software and the system enables you to choose which elements of the HR functions you wish to use, in that any of those functions can be switched off or on according to your requirements.

With years of experience working with small to medium entities and providing businesses with the right HR and OHS/WHS platforms to grow and succeed, we are confident that we can meet your requirements and offer the best solution to manage your people, improve your management of data, and help you succeed in your industry.