webOHS web portal

Sharing of information is key to maximising compliancy and safety in the workforce

That is why our OHS and incident management software webOHS, the add-on to our winOHS software solution allows your users to access information right from their Internet-browser anywhere in the world. Your OHS management platform allows you to access policies and guidelines, attain emergency contact details quickly, enter incidents and/or hazards triggering off processes for your OHS support and management team.  


Entry focal point
Often a barrier to successful OHS management is distance.  Our incident management software gives users a focal entry point for information, this encourages usage and can trigger the starting point for OHS management.

24/7 access
Business doesn't necessarily stop when the 5pm bell goes. For many organisations, production occurs 24/7. Timely access to information is crucial.  Unlimited access means better productivity and less reliance on other staff.  Where information, such as emergency details are required urgently, the latest information can be retrieved from your OHS risk management software immediately. No reliance on reports which may be out of date.

Online entry and updating of your OHS management information means more accurate translations. The Favour incident management software reduces the number of steps between action and recording, decreasing the chance of errors or misplaced information.  More timely updates means less chance of using outdated information.

Process flow
Quicker entry means more immediate responses and quicker escalation of issues. Accidents don't wait to happen. Triggering the escalation of issues as soon as possible using incident management software reduces the chance of further incidents, because of quicker, more efficient and more accurate process flow.

Less paper means better security.  With secure logons to the OHS management platform, users can only see the information they are supposed to see.  Automatic escalation means that only those who are involved in a particular process will receive information they need to action items.

Cost Saving
With tools like Favour's OHS, risk and incident management software, there is no need for OH&S management to be a burden or a substantial cost. In fact, reduced incidents and accidents can substantially save money for your business..


Calendar View
The home screen of your OHS risk management platform is a calendar view where an overview of the number of incidents or hazards can be seen easily. The view can be displayed by day, week, month or even in a timeline format. You can directly access more specific detail of the entry stored in your incident management software from here.

Smart Grids
Total flexibility in filtering and sorting of grids of information. To an extent, this mimics the flexibility seen in the winOHS desktop solution.

OHS Portal
Employees can view policies and guidelines in the OHS management software using their web browser. Distribution of documents is no longer an issue as availability and access is immediate (depending on security profile).  Incidents or hazards can be entered into the OHS risk management platform immediately, which can then trigger further processes and escalation.  Managers or administrators can modify items as required.

Security profiles
There is total flexibility in the assigning of access rights, both in terms of screens that can be seen or edited, and which areas are displayed.  For example, if you have a number of physical locations, area managers' profiles can be setup within the OHS management software to only see OHS items that concern their location or area.

Message broadcasts
Important company OHS management messages can be displayed for all users or for groups of users by profile.