features of winOHS

win OHS has significant functionality that can be tailored to suit your specific organisation needs

Like winHR, the integrated winOHS functionality is essentially a tool to help you handle the breadth of requirements involved in occupational health and safety management.  winOHS occupational health and safety management systems can help your organisation with sharing information, easy access to policies, escalation of issues, producing LTI and other important reports.


Information screens
winOHS allows information to be tracked for many important OHS software functions. The type of information you might like to track within the OHS software system includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Incidents
  • Affected Persons
  • Return-to-work
  • Actions & escalations
  • Checklists
  • Compensation
  • Hazard identification & controls
  • Equipment registers & history
  • Committees, meetings & actions
  • Area layouts
  • Area timesheets for report calculations
  • OH&S positions & responsibilities and more.


Reporting & Graphs
As winOHS is integrated with winHR, the same four integrated reporting tools are available for both the HR and OH&S software management systems. Across all tools there is a myriad of pre-defined OHS reports that can be used straight out of the box. Specific ReportBuilder reports can be created to cater for your needs in automatically calculating Lost Time Injury reports or other industry-specific reports. The occupational health and safety management systems also makes graphing and exporting options available.


Email Alerts
One of the main issues in OHS management is escalation procedures.  With email alerts, the occurrence of pre-defined situations can trigger an email alert through the OH&S software to higher level manegement. This way you can ensure unactioned issues do not fall through the cracks and create a safety breach.  This OHS software function is also very useful for creating templates that can be re-used with merged data to save valuable time.


Where information access is segmented, winOHS software's security features allow you to limit the information that a user can see. For example, area manager can be limited to viewing only their own area. If a specific person is responsible for sensitive compensation claims, only that user can access information relating to compensation. Using the web-browser add-on for the occupational health and safety management system, employees can record incidents from anywhere - this is very useful if you have multiple physical sites.


Document Management
This powerful feature enables you to attach documents to any record within winOHS software. Incident claims, accident reviews, medical checks, return-to-work programs, equipment service reports, photos and more can be attached to any of the OH&S software records with just a few button presses. Easily retrieve the associated documents by drilling down to the pertinent incident and action item. winOHS software also allows you to directly scan in the items, save the documents to a desired location and the document will attach automatically.


Occupational Health & Safety policy is not an exact science. There are quite a number of different methodologies available and used across different industries. That's why it's important to have flexible solutions and OHS software that allows you to easily customise to your needs.  We believes strongly in allowing you to customise yourself within the OHS system and have therefore designed winOHS in a way that lets you set the options yourself (with our guidance available, of course).  The flexibility of our occupational health and safety management system is the predominant reason we have been able to attract customers across many, many different industries.


HR Integration
winOHS is fully integrated with winHR.  As OHS is first and foremost about the safety of your employees, it makes sense that much information would be shared with HR.  Your positional structures, education history and up-keep, performance issues, leave taken due to accidents, return-to-work programs, issuing of items, emergency contacts; this is all HR information that may be important in OHS management as well.  A central shared HR and OH&S software means reduced duplication of data and potential for mistakes.

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winOHS has transformed a paper based system that would take hours of wading through forms to compile a report to one where centralised information and report generating is not only brilliant and saves much time, but the range of reports is practically unlimited.  Support has been excellent.

Chris Grigg, Quality & Safety Manager

Berg Engineering