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webHR - self and manager self serve portal

Accessibility to information is key to unlocking productivity gsind and cost savings

That is why we developed webHR as an add-on to the winHR solution. Being a web browser-based solution means information can be accessed anytime, from anywhere that you can access the internet. All browsers and devices are supported, including PC, iPad and mobile devices.  Employee self-serve (ESS) or manager self-serve (MSS) can be defined via the extensive security options in the human resource management system (HRMS).


Entry focal point
As employees can update their own information in the HR management software (HRMS), the onus of entry is spread across multiple users. A change in the webHR human resource management system can lead to an email alert for the appropriate people being triggered, for further action or confirmation of change.

24/7 access
In today's competitive world very few companies are 9 to 5 anymore. Some organisations work around the clock. With 24/7 access to HR management software, employees and managers no longer need to rely on the payroll or HR administrator being available to obtain important information.

As there are no intermediate steps in modifying or attaining information, there is less room for error, and the information will generally be more accurate. Bad information can be just as dangerous as no information. webHR human resources management system gives you accurate information, not Chinese whispers and hope.

Process flow
More immediate action and better access to information means more efficient process flow. The webHR management software means compliance can be better achieved and less room for error means less chance of litigation or employees taking advantage of delays in process.

Less paper means better security.  With secure logons, employees can only see the information they are supposed to see.  Staff, who traditionally might have been privy to information purely because they had to provide the paper report, now no longer need access to this type of information.  Additionally the improved security of webHR human resource management system means better compliance with privacy and confidentiality laws.

Having the tools that you need means better staff involvement and therefore improved employee satisfaction. The webHR human resources management system can therefore lead to much better retention of staff.

Cost Saving
All of the above taken together mean substantial potential cost savings. Cost savings means a competitive advantage and more choices in your future spending and growth.


Calendar View
Home screen of the webHR management software is a calendar view where the employee can see dates for pertinent information relating to leave, training and performance.  Managers can additionally view the details for many employees at once. The webHR human resources management system makes a number of filtering options available.

Smart Grids
webHR management software gives you total flexibility in filtering and sorting of information grids. This mimics to an extent the flexibility seen in the winHR desktop solution.

Employee Self Serve (ESS)
Employees can view or change their own information in the human resource management system according to settings. Features include the viewing of master details such as addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact details, viewing leave due or taken & accruals & making leave requests, viewing training booked & making training requests, and viewing performance review dates.

Manager Self Serve (MSS)
Based on security settings in the human resource management system (HRMS), managers can view details of multiple employees and use the information to assign resources for items such as leave, training & performance reviews. Access to important information such as emergency contact details is also available.

Security profiles
webHR management software gives you total flexibility in the assigning of access rights, both in terms of screens that can be seen or edited and which employees can be displayed

Message broadcasts
Important company messages can be displayed through the webHR management software for all users, or for user groups of a certain profile.