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winHR integrates with "Compliance Plus" e-learning cloud based solution

is a Melbourne based company which provides a number of specialist web based HR management tools including an online training delivery system (Compliance Plus) and a performance management system (People Plus) These solutions align with Favour's philosophy to provide high-end HR functionality at affordable prices

enables organisations to set up and deliver their own internal training courses for on-line completion by their employees. As well as designing the course questions you are able to upload learning material against the associated course.

The learning material can be self-developed or can be provided from a suite of professionally developed learning products available through htsolutions' partners such as

The delivery of online training represents a huge reduction in administration costs to organisations.

Where items such as compliancy training; e.g. Inductions, Bullying, Manual Handling, and Policies may have been conducted face to face and facilitated by a manager, these are now able to be set up for delivery on-line and completed by the employee without administrative intervention.

In summary; Compliance Plus manages the "micro" aspect (content) of training and compliancy, whereas winHR is managing and controlling the "macro" aspect (which training needs to be assigned, against whom, when and where). winHR is then able to report on all aspects of these training items to enable on-going management and control of training and learning obligations.


Screen shot of Employee's user view of log-in page of the e-learning system. This shows the status of courses for David Norris.

winHR screen shot showing the result of courses undertaken in Compliance Plus by David Norris.

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