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HR2You – September 2011 Newsletter

September 30th, 2011

by HR2You at www.hr2you.com.au

Is The Honeymoon Over?

Do your employees feel
unenthusiastic, underappreciated, uninspired and unmotivated by their managers in your business?

The rogenSI Global Mindset Index survey found that employers have a ever shortening period of time to engage their employees before boredom sets in and they start drifting off. So what are you doing to engage your staff and bond them closer to your business and thus reduce staff turnover?

Regular staff meetings,
performance reviews, special projects, staff surveys, team bonding sessions,  workplace training, reward and recognition program and a suggestion box are  some of the simple things that you can use to up your employee engagement.  But in the end you need to get to know your staff and what makes them tick.  Connect this information to the way you appreciate them and show them what they mean to your business.

Employee engagement = staff retention = customer loyalty = profitability = happy business. So what are you doing this week to engage your staff?

WorkShop: HR & OHS Compliance

“Yesterday’s bullet
won’t kill you. Tomorrow’s bullet just might.”
Bernie Provan

October 18th
at 6pm at the Dorset Gardens Hotel

Presented by
Gillian Kinder (HR & OHS Compliance Specialist), Malcolm Freeman (Risk Management guru) and Darren Cassidy.

Learn to
identify areas of risk, gain an insight on how compliance in HR management can add value to your business and avoid business-fatal issues arising from your HR management.

Pick the brains of these experts and use this great opportunity to learn and position your business for future growth.

For more information and to register to attend: Click here.

How is Your Record Keeping?

Two companies and two directors have been fined just over $28,000 for failing to keep proper employment records for three foreign workers at a Peth Cafe. Read the story here.

There are certain employee records that employers need to retain and Fair Work Inspectors have a range of powers to ask for your employee records and in some cases they can issue on the spot fines for non-compliance. Not sure what records? Contact us today…

Employer of Choice

The 2011 Insync and RedBalloon Dream Employer Survey has revealed that businesses are doing little to increase word of mouth recommendations from former or current employees.

The survey showed that only 40% of employees were satisfied with their job, only 33% would recommend their employer and 45% of employees are planning to look for another job in the next year. So what would they improve? 41% said systems and processes, 39% said communication and 38% said reward and recognition.

So what that says is that employees love businesses that have their managerial act together, can communicate and engage effectively and recognise their efforts rather than ignore them.

So what are you doing to become an Employer of Choice? Want to get there? Then contact us today and HR2You will help you get there!

5 Top Tips for Hiring

1: Profile the candidate that you want to hire. Spending time profiling will help you sort out the applications and know what to look for in the interviews.

2: Set list of interview questions. Have a common set of denominators to judge the candidates by. Don’t do it off the cuff. Think of it as a set script for interviews. Throw in a set of technical questions as well.

3: Write/review the job description. You can’t tell a candidate about the job if you don’t know what they are going to do. Write it out before you place the job ad. Have it at the interviews.

4: Interested candidates. Look for candidates that ask questions and come prepared to win the job. More than likely they will come prepared to win customers for you.

5: Follow up the referees. Ring the referees the candidates supply you with. Have a set list of questions for them. Take it to the next level and ring their former employers and enquire about them. Do your research and make sure you get the right employee for your business.

Dreadful Employer

Read this story about a country medical practice and you might understand why the Fair Work Act came into being and is weighted towards employees. The Angelsea Medical Centre faces sanctions for its terrible staff management practices.

The Fair Work Act has been around for 2 years now and so employers have no real excuse for not complying with the Modern Awards and National Employment Standards. It’s not that hard to become compliant and in fact the small costs in becoming compliant will be repaid back in spades with staff loyalty, retention and increased productivity.

Staff respect and prefer employers that have their act together (may have mentioned this earlier) so if you think you aren’t compliant contact us today and let’s have a chat about it.

Social Media Issues

Here is a story that makes a point about employees that get terminated after doing the wrong thing on Social Media. A tram driver that got caught taking photos of passengers and tram accidents and posting them online.

In the modern age of mass communication forums such as Facebook and Twitter your business businesses needs workplace policies that extend beyond the traditional business hours and set parameters for what staff can and can’t do online.

Staff that disparage the business or post inappropriate content are basically breaking the employer-employee bond and need to be aware that the consequences for doing so can be termination of employment. So make sure you have a workplace policy in place, induct them on it and clearly set the rules so employees don’t put themselves in a position where they might be fired.

Handy “Quote”

I insist that we continually ask our staff for any suggestions they might have, and I try my hand at their jobs.

Richard Branson

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