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HR2You – August 2011 Newsletter

August 29th, 2011

by HR2You at www.hr2you.com.au

Kultcha? We Got Plenty of it…

What is the culture like at your workplace? How do you manage it, improve it and maintain it? Especially in a growing business.

It’s important to remember that the culture in your workplace begins at the top. The boss sets the tone and leads the way. The way you treat your staff is the way they’ll treat your customers. So buy-in at the management level is very important. The MD and all senior managers must live and breathe the culture and spread it through their employees with their hiring, training and management of them.

One way to create a great workplace culture is to adopt a set of core values that reflect the way you want your staff to behave and use in their daily decisions and interactions with customers and each other. Choose short phrases like “Respect for Others” or “Win/Win Relationships” so that the message doesn’t get lost in an onslaught of text. Sit down and choose 6-8 of these that reflect your business’s ideals. Induct your managers/supervisors/team leaders into them and then your staff. Print them out and frame them up around the walls or even put them on the back of your business cards. Remember that a value isn’t an action, it is an attitude.

Staff may come and go, but a good set of core values will remain unchanged and last the life of the business. They may well make your business last longer…

OH&S Harmony

OH&S laws in Australia are about to be ‘harmonised’! From January 1st next year the OH&S laws across Australia will be nationally based.

Great for large national businesses who don’t have to deal with different state based regulations. But bad for small businesses who will have an extra onus on them to comply. In previous Acts and regulations businesses had to reach a certain staff level to require them to put in place controls to reduce risk. Not anymore. So how will small businesses be able to affordably comply?  View this video on the Online OHS system available from HR2You and check out the six easy steps to compliance.

Theory of Process

Something a little different here but might get your cerebral juices flowing all the same. Arthur M Young’s Theory of Process as applied to Organizations and Business by Badenoch and Lacey.

It’s interesting to note the part people management plays in each stage and how the ‘turn’ can be made thru either imminent failure or new leadership with a compelling vision. Have a read thru and see what stage your business might be at.

Whether you agree with the definitions in these stages it does highlight the importance of leadership in a business and the effect the owner and the managers have on its performance. Equally important to the performance of your employees is the performance of your leadership team and how their roles evolve as the business grows.

Why SMB’s need HR software

There is a change on January 1st 2011 on determining the size of a small business.

A small business is still a business with less than 15 staff, but up until January casuals and part-timers are counted as a half. So if your business has 10 full time and 6 part time staff it is currently determined to be 13 full time staff.

After Jan1st 2011 the part time staff will be counted as 1 and not a half. So your business will now have 16 staff and be counted as a large business. One effect will be that staff in this business need only work 6 months to qualify for an unfair dismissal claim, not 12 months.

Understanding the FW Laws

At 600+ pages many employers are still struggling to understand the Fair Work Industrial Relations laws. I’ve recently updated the article on the HR2You website regarding understanding these laws. Click this link to view the article and hopefully it answers a few questions. If not, then please feel free to call me anytime.

Social Media Issues

So what happens when an employee rants about the business online on a social media website? Is this something that could happen in your business? Such attacks on social media sites can reflect badly on the image of the business, unsettle colleagues that see it, negatively affect customers and impinge on the business’ ability to manage staff.

So what do you do? Make sure that you have a Social Media and Blogging workplace policy in place, and make sure your other behavioural policies cover the cyber world as well. Then educate/induct your staff on the policy – make them sign off on it. Also act on it straight away if a staff member contravenes that policy. A good example of this can be found here.

Rules Rules Rules

Some employers love to heap the workplace rules on their employees. And sometimes they go a little over the top. Workplace polices are a great way of setting expectations of employee behaviour and performance, but when is it too much? Well it seems BHP Billiton has gone a tad too far in this article. Office culture and staff satisfaction go a long way to driving a business forward and micromanagement of employees on this level might very well have a flow on effect in staff turnover. Interesting comments further down the article from a couple of bosses that echo what all employers should be striving for and that is a collaborative set of values that all employees can abide by.

Handy Quote

“The art of choosing men is not nearly so difficult as the art of enabling those one has chosen to attain their full worth…”

Napoleon Bonaparte

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