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The Benefits of Recruitment Software

July 22nd, 2011

by Favour Pty Ltd

One hundred and fifty applicants for this one vacancy?  Gasp!  Who really has the required skills?  How am I going to respond?  Would it be rude to just ignore most of them and not acknowledge them?  Who have I already replied to?

These are undoubtedly the sort of questions that have come across almost every recruiter’s mind at some stage.  Spreadsheets can only take you so far.  So what are the benefits of integrated Recruitment Software?  Here’s a list of benefits for starters:

  1. Allows the execution of a structured and repeatable recruitment process
  2. Minimizes the time required to fill a vacancy
  3. Lessens the communication time required between recruiter and applicant
  4. Uses integrated database information (including other HR and organisation structure data) to calculate and match best fit for the vacancy
  5. Reduces the time to compile mail outs and emails
  6. Reduces cost in the process of recruitment
  7. Compilation of personalized profile reports are produced instantly
  8. Allows centralized information to be shared amongst many users, for example recruiter and department manager
  9. Information is securely stored electronically rather than paper-based meaning ultimate privacy for applicants
  10. Automated emailing to remind both recruiter and applicant of scheduled meetings thereby reducing cancellations or postponements

Ultimately the aim of recruitment software is to allow the recruiter to efficiently find the candidate of best fit in the least time possible within the required recruitment processes.  Finding, and keeping, the best employees is a key performance indicator for the success of an organisation.

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