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webHR & OHS Version 1 Released (includes V5 of winHR & winOHS)

May 14th, 2010 No comments

Favour is excited to announce our inaugral release of webHR & OHS.   This presents a new era of functionality for HR & OHS software.

This major version focuses on brand new self-serve functionality for employees and managers and OH&S administrators via webHR&OHS.  Users can access their own and other information from anywhere they have access to an Internet browser.  We believe the introduction of our ESS (employee self serve) and MSS (manager self serve) heralds a new era in functionality, only previously affordable for larger organisations.

Functionally, webHR&OHS focuses on an Outlook-style calendar so that you can see as a manager, in a snapshot,  how your resources are currently being utilised.  Managers can also quickly attain emergency details from anywhere should there be a serious issue.   Employees can see what training or leave is approaching or how much leave they may have accrued.  Everyone can have access to report an incident or identified hazard that can escalate alerts to the appropriate authorities.  All users can have instant access to company policies and guidelines.

Some of the generic benefits of webHR & OHS includes:

Entry focal point: As your employees can now modify their own information (within security privileges), the onus of entry now is spread amongst many people rather than yourselves. This is a big time saver for your payroll and HR personnel.

Compliancy: As information is more readily available, and a seamless process available for entry, compliancy can be better met.

Accuracy: As there is no intermediate step to the placing of information in winHR or winOHS you can generally expect better accuracy of information. No more Chinese whispers.

24/7 access: Without webHR&OHS employees often rely on specific staff members for any information. With webHR&OHS access is available at all times, not just when those staff members are available. This allows for more pro-active process.

Cost savings: Cost savings as a result of the above benefits. It is expected that once implemented, the costs of processes will reduce.
Favour’s suite of products include winHR, winOHS and Allocations (rostering and payroll) We believe our continued product popularity is a direct result of not only the quality and affordability of our products and continued development but also our strong support ethic.

Favour aims to provide the most affordable self-service solution on the market, as this enhanced feature is currently beyond the affordability of many small to medium sized enterprises currently.  Please contact us for more information 0n 1300 657 158 or visit our website at

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