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HR2You – October 2011 Newsletter

October 25th, 2011 No comments

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Can’t Buy Me Love

The Beatles first put it in song many years ago (sooooo many years ago) and the theory still holds strong today – especially in the workforce.

Most employees don’t leave a business for a few dollars more. The majority leave because they are unhappy with their boss or the business in general. Interesting little article here discusses the reasons why cash is not an incentive to stay.

Businesses that give staff the resources, respect, recognition and a workplace culture that is strongly team focused are more able to retain and motivate staff.

Whenever bosses are asked in surveys what motivates staff the most invariably the answer of more money wins out. Sometimes staff do move for more money – but it’s usually ‘a lot more money’. Hello Gary Ablett Jnr and Tom Scully if you are reading this.

In an age (internet) where employees have more access to information about workplace rights and conditions, it is now harder to retain and motivate employees. It is also harder to attract quality staff as word about a business’s reputation gets around so much quicker these days.

Companies need to look inward at their culture, their values and what makes them an employer of choice. What have they got in place that makes them a great place to work? Why would an employee want to stay and why would candidates want to join? Whether you have 3 staff or 30, connecting with your staff is vitally important…

WorkShop: Hire Manage and Fire

“You’re only as good as the people you hire.” – Ray Kroc

October 24th at 4pm at 18 Wilsons Lane, Lilydale

Presented by Darren Cassidy.

This workshop is ideal for small to medium business employers looking to take the stress out of employing people and start to enjoy their business and get more from their employees.  Many small to medium employers are hesitant and insecure about employing and managing staff these days. But it needn’t be so.  Practical tips and advice that will give you the confidence to employ great staff, keep them and get the most from them.

For more information and to register to attend: Click here

Alcohol & Drug Testing Green Light

After a recent landmark ruling by Fair Work Australia, building industry employers will now have the power to enforce drug and alcohol testing. It is expected that this will spread to other industries as well, quite quickly.

So does this mean all employers can now turn up tomorrow and start testing and firing their employees? Mmmmm…Not really…

A few steps need to be followed first. Firstly implement a solid Alcohol and Drug workplace policy and induct all employees into it. Make sure they sign off and agree to abide by the policy. If you test an employee and they return a positive reading – make sure you tell them straight away that they are at risk of having their employment terminated. Give them an opportunity to defend themselves and I would suggest they be tested by a third party (local police station) that conforms to the standard AS/NZS 4308:2008 & AS 4760:2006.

If you do decide to fire them, then do it on that day. Do not wait a day or two. Unfair dismissal claims have been won because employer’s dilly dallied for a couple of days.  The key here is procedural fairness. Show (document) that it has been followed and you shouldn’t have any problems with letting someone go due to a positive drug and alcohol test.

‘Tis The Season to be Jolly…

It’s that time of the year when companies start organising the office Christmas party, if they haven’t already.  For many employers the after party headaches are not caused by a hangover, they are caused by the behaviour of staff at the party. Sexual harassment, bullying, violence and internal staff disputes all go up at this time of the year.

If you are going to put on a party for your staff – be prepared. This article I wrote a while ago gets plenty of hits every year. Have a look at some of the tips and start thinking ahead.  If you think the staff are likely to act up at the party – is it time to look at the workplace culture and values of the business?

6 Top Tips for Firing

1: Make sure you have a clear reason. Is it a downturn in business, poor behaviour, poor performance or a contravention of a workplace policy?

2: Procedural fairness. Make sure that for whatever reason you are firing someone that you follow a procedure and the employee has been given a right of reply, an opportunity to improve or counselling on a redundancy.

3: Involve a third person on conversations. Best tip is to get a third person in on the counselling or discussions on the situation with the employee. Let them bring along someone as well. Don’t make it a “your word against theirs” situation.

4: Have evidence. Make sure that the reasons for dismissal are clear and unambiguous. Do due diligence and investigate any allegations of wrong doing, poor behaviour or poor performance. Cover all of your bases.

5: Document everything. Firing someone and not having anything documented is inviting trouble. Workplace policy, performance review, counselling sessions, training, termination letter and any other interactions should all be documented. In an unfair dismissal claim they will be asked for.

6: Let them go ASAP. Do not terminate someone and let them work out their notice period. You’ve just created a very unhappy employee who will undermine the business in many creative ways.

Super A-Mart: $1.3M in Back Pay

All a business needs is one disgruntled employee who gets advice and a business can suddenly be in a world of financial pain.

There are plenty of recent stories about businesses forking out back pay every month, but this one takes the cake for the moment. The employee initially complained about what they had been paid, which opened the door for Fair Work Australia and its inspectors to dig a little deeper.  Employers need to be very careful around their employees work hours and what constitutes their start and finish time, information sessions and other work related meetings outside rostered shifts.

On top of the $1.3M in back pay the company will need to pay out a $120k donation and spend time and more money on complying with the Enforceable Undertaking handed out by Fair Work Australia.  Keep your staff happy and get compliant with the rules.

The World Ends in 2012

Well, it will anyway for any business not ready for the new OHS laws due in January 2012. Only a few months away.  Penalties will triple, responsibilities will change and employers will need to be able to show how they have met compliance with OHS.

Last month the Victorian Govt applied to the Commonwealth to defer the new laws for 12 months. So we’ll wait and see if that is the case. Use this link to get some more information on the new laws

Handy “Quote”

“Companies have three responsibilities: 1) make a profit, 2) satisfy employees, and 3) be socially responsible. “ – Peter Drucker

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HR2You – September 2011 Newsletter

September 30th, 2011 No comments

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Is The Honeymoon Over?

Do your employees feel
unenthusiastic, underappreciated, uninspired and unmotivated by their managers in your business?

The rogenSI Global Mindset Index survey found that employers have a ever shortening period of time to engage their employees before boredom sets in and they start drifting off. So what are you doing to engage your staff and bond them closer to your business and thus reduce staff turnover?

Regular staff meetings,
performance reviews, special projects, staff surveys, team bonding sessions,  workplace training, reward and recognition program and a suggestion box are  some of the simple things that you can use to up your employee engagement.  But in the end you need to get to know your staff and what makes them tick.  Connect this information to the way you appreciate them and show them what they mean to your business.

Employee engagement = staff retention = customer loyalty = profitability = happy business. So what are you doing this week to engage your staff?

WorkShop: HR & OHS Compliance

“Yesterday’s bullet
won’t kill you. Tomorrow’s bullet just might.”
Bernie Provan

October 18th
at 6pm at the Dorset Gardens Hotel

Presented by
Gillian Kinder (HR & OHS Compliance Specialist), Malcolm Freeman (Risk Management guru) and Darren Cassidy.

Learn to
identify areas of risk, gain an insight on how compliance in HR management can add value to your business and avoid business-fatal issues arising from your HR management.

Pick the brains of these experts and use this great opportunity to learn and position your business for future growth.

For more information and to register to attend: Click here.

How is Your Record Keeping?

Two companies and two directors have been fined just over $28,000 for failing to keep proper employment records for three foreign workers at a Peth Cafe. Read the story here.

There are certain employee records that employers need to retain and Fair Work Inspectors have a range of powers to ask for your employee records and in some cases they can issue on the spot fines for non-compliance. Not sure what records? Contact us today…

Employer of Choice

The 2011 Insync and RedBalloon Dream Employer Survey has revealed that businesses are doing little to increase word of mouth recommendations from former or current employees.

The survey showed that only 40% of employees were satisfied with their job, only 33% would recommend their employer and 45% of employees are planning to look for another job in the next year. So what would they improve? 41% said systems and processes, 39% said communication and 38% said reward and recognition.

So what that says is that employees love businesses that have their managerial act together, can communicate and engage effectively and recognise their efforts rather than ignore them.

So what are you doing to become an Employer of Choice? Want to get there? Then contact us today and HR2You will help you get there!

5 Top Tips for Hiring

1: Profile the candidate that you want to hire. Spending time profiling will help you sort out the applications and know what to look for in the interviews.

2: Set list of interview questions. Have a common set of denominators to judge the candidates by. Don’t do it off the cuff. Think of it as a set script for interviews. Throw in a set of technical questions as well.

3: Write/review the job description. You can’t tell a candidate about the job if you don’t know what they are going to do. Write it out before you place the job ad. Have it at the interviews.

4: Interested candidates. Look for candidates that ask questions and come prepared to win the job. More than likely they will come prepared to win customers for you.

5: Follow up the referees. Ring the referees the candidates supply you with. Have a set list of questions for them. Take it to the next level and ring their former employers and enquire about them. Do your research and make sure you get the right employee for your business.

Dreadful Employer

Read this story about a country medical practice and you might understand why the Fair Work Act came into being and is weighted towards employees. The Angelsea Medical Centre faces sanctions for its terrible staff management practices.

The Fair Work Act has been around for 2 years now and so employers have no real excuse for not complying with the Modern Awards and National Employment Standards. It’s not that hard to become compliant and in fact the small costs in becoming compliant will be repaid back in spades with staff loyalty, retention and increased productivity.

Staff respect and prefer employers that have their act together (may have mentioned this earlier) so if you think you aren’t compliant contact us today and let’s have a chat about it.

Social Media Issues

Here is a story that makes a point about employees that get terminated after doing the wrong thing on Social Media. A tram driver that got caught taking photos of passengers and tram accidents and posting them online.

In the modern age of mass communication forums such as Facebook and Twitter your business businesses needs workplace policies that extend beyond the traditional business hours and set parameters for what staff can and can’t do online.

Staff that disparage the business or post inappropriate content are basically breaking the employer-employee bond and need to be aware that the consequences for doing so can be termination of employment. So make sure you have a workplace policy in place, induct them on it and clearly set the rules so employees don’t put themselves in a position where they might be fired.

Handy “Quote”

I insist that we continually ask our staff for any suggestions they might have, and I try my hand at their jobs.

Richard Branson

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HR2You – August 2011 Newsletter

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Kultcha? We Got Plenty of it…

What is the culture like at your workplace? How do you manage it, improve it and maintain it? Especially in a growing business.

It’s important to remember that the culture in your workplace begins at the top. The boss sets the tone and leads the way. The way you treat your staff is the way they’ll treat your customers. So buy-in at the management level is very important. The MD and all senior managers must live and breathe the culture and spread it through their employees with their hiring, training and management of them.

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How can a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) make a difference?

August 9th, 2011 No comments

by Favour Pty Ltd

A good Human Resource Management System merges the different operations and activities carried out by the human resource department.  This has the effect of centralizing all HR information making it easily accessible to multiple users of the system. Managers can be confident that the information is up-to-date and consistent throughout the entire system.

Having access to a system which replaces unwieldy and tedious spreadsheets brings a smile to any HR practitioner’s face as they effortlessly access and report on information.

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The Benefits of Recruitment Software

July 22nd, 2011 No comments

by Favour Pty Ltd

One hundred and fifty applicants for this one vacancy?  Gasp!  Who really has the required skills?  How am I going to respond?  Would it be rude to just ignore most of them and not acknowledge them?  Who have I already replied to?

These are undoubtedly the sort of questions that have come across almost every recruiter’s mind at some stage.  Spreadsheets can only take you so far.  So what are the benefits of integrated Recruitment Software?  Here’s a list of benefits for starters:

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HR2You – December 2010 Newsletter

December 23rd, 2010 No comments

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Beware of the Silly Season!

The Christmas-New Year holiday period is usually also a period of reflection for many people. A time to take stock of their lives and of their careers in particular.

February to April is often a hot time for recruitment companies as soul searching workers look for greener pastures. With unemployment rates in Australia dropping, it means the search for talent to replace workers that have moved on will be harder than ever.

Engage your staff now and let them know how much they mean to your business. Start planning (with them) activities in the new year that will reinvigorate them and keep them refreshed. Are there new roles and responsibilities they could take on in 2011?

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3 Steps to Retaining Great Staff

December 22nd, 2010 No comments

by Richard Dunks at Vantage Human Capital

3 Steps to Retaining Great Staff

Step One – Create an effective retention strategy

A strong focus on staff retention is essential.

Recruiting the right staff is the first step, but if you can’t keep them you are wasting your time.

Right now I believe a number of companies are increasingly complacent about their “great retention rates” and it’s giving them a false sense of security.

The feedback we are hearing from employees is that job security was the issue that prevented them moving during the GFC – it was nothing to do with their employer’s proactive retention strategy.

The importance of a good retention strategy has been recognised by the Federal Government. Over the last three months, in collaboration with Enterprise Connect, Vantage Human Capital has been running a series of seminars throughout regional Queensland and Brisbane covering “Low Cost and No Cost Retention Strategies”.

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Desired traits for ‘good’ managers revealed

December 8th, 2010 Comments off

by HC Human Capital Magazine

In what is seen as a dramatic change in attitudes from a year ago, employees think trustworthiness and openness is now the most important characteristic of a good manager.

Compared to this time last year, trustworthiness and openness has jumped from seventh to number one on the Top Ten Characteristics of a Good Manager list generated by Leadership Management Australasia (LMA).

The list has been drawn from LMA’s late November L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Education and Direction) Survey of 3,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand, conducted by Chase Research*. The ongoing L.E.A.D. Survey, which monitors workplace issues across all major sectors, has been running for 10 years.

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Stress At Work Can Ruin Your Life – And Your Workplace

November 13th, 2010 No comments

by Vantage Human Capital

We all feel ‘stressed’ sometimes, on days when things just don’t seem to go our way.However an increasing number of Australians are reporting symptoms of workplace stress, and this is a serious issue for both employees and employers.

Workplace stress is technically defined as what occurs when the pressures, demands, tasks or environment are not matched with an employee’s knowledge or abilities – and this challenges their ability to cope.

People experiencing stress at work tend to characterise it as an overwhelming feeling to quit their job and escape to an island, farm, or anywhere but the office!

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HR2You – November 2010 Newsletter

November 11th, 2010 No comments

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Document Everything…

Does your business document everything to do with management of its employees? If not then you may be putting the business at risk.

As it is from the cradle to the grave, so it is from the job ad to the exit interview. Document everything and protect your business from unfair dismissal claims, bullying and harassment claims.

Document and sign off every interview, performance and conduct review, warnings, recognitions, training, workplace policies and even exit interviews & checklists.

Unfair dismissal claims have tripled since the introduction last year of the Fair Work Act. So think about how you can protect your business against a claim – you don’t want to pay out 26 weeks pay on a poorly performing employee just because you didn’t document performance conversations.

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